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  • Active Sleep
    You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.
  • home remedies for manicures
    One of the best home remedies for white, beautiful French manicures is a lemon. Just add the juice of one lemon to a bowl and soak freshly-cleaned fingernails for 5 minutes for clean, bright tips.
  • Rotating anti-dandruff
    Your anti-dandruff shampoo can stop working if you build up a resistance to the active ingredients. Rotating through three different shampoos can keep the solution working.
  • Warm Water, Not Hot
    No matter what type of cleanser you choose, use it with warm instead of hot water, and take short showers. Hot water and large quantities of water can dry out your skin.
  • Freeze Your Eyeliner
    Does your eyeliner constantly crumble while putting it on? Leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to applying your makeup.
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Taking care of your body means more than just going through a routine every day. Setting aside the time to really listen to your body and its basic needs will give you more satisfaction and better health. Your body is an instrument with complexity and immense value, capable of self regeneration and healing powers. The trick is letting our body do what it was meant to do-experience longevity! A dynamic and thorough approach to body care will keep you in the best shape you can be in.

The skin

The skin is one of the most complex organs in your entire body and it deserves extra care and attention! Being the largest organ, your skin has a lot of work to do and keeping it free of chemicals that don't belong in your body will make your skin brighter and more youthful. A five minute facial massage in the morning and a hot cup of herbal tea can assist your skin in eliminating impurities. Cardio workouts like jogging or brisk walking circulates the blood, giving your skin that natural color and glowing appearance it needs!

The eyes

Your eyes are another part of your body that need some extra care. As we age, our eyes show signs of damage around the delicate skin that surrounds the eye as well as the eye itself. You can start taking better care of your eyes by patting a natural moisturizer into them in the morning before bed. Remember to pat-not rub since friction can damage the skin. Sleeping well is a cosmetic your eyes will thank you for as lack of sleep shows in your eyes faster than anywhere else.

The hands

Since your hands do a lot of work for you, they need not only regular manicuring and extra moisture, but also benefit from cleansing hand soaks. Therapuetic hand soaking with clays and salts draws impurities out of your hands. Your hands touch everything for you and are constantly exposed. Put some thought into how you take care of your hands, giving them some time to recover from overuse. A few drops of evening primrose oil and extra-virgin olive oil massaged into the hands every night will transform dry, worn skin.

The feet

Like your hands, your feet are exposed a lot (especially if you go barefoot). Foot soaks and pampering treatments for your feet smooth callouses, infuse rough, tired skin with moisture and make your feet happy! Soak your feet in a bath of extra virgin coconut oil and peppermint essential oil for a fresh, tingly feeling with anti-bactieral advantages. Peppermint feels so refreshing on your feet that this will most likely become a regular routine! Coconut oil absorbs quickly and softens the skin when you don't want excess oil.

The hair

Your hair is really an extension of who you are, literally and figuratively! Make sure you give your hair the best with daily brushing with seamless combs and hairbrushes, oil treatments and natural conditioning. Our hair is a receptor to the environment around us, making it an important part that is often overlooked. To prevent hair from drying, shampoo with warm water instead of hot, always finishing with a cool rinse to close the cuticle. Since dry hair is common, an oil supplement will help put the moisture back that your hair lost through environmental factors.

You can give your body the extra care it deserves with relaxation, natural body care and through paying attention to your body's cues. Being in tune with your body is the only way to experience health and maintain a beautiful appearance that comes from a balanced lifestyle.