The definition of beauty has changed dramatically over the years. You might not remember, I know I don’t, but back in the 1900s beauty was completely different from what it is today. Women who were move curvy were seen as beautiful and sexy, while skinny women were seen as famished or ill. Up to now, our society thought that the skinny women were the only definition of beauty. With a lot of reform though, it has been brought to everyone’s attention that women who have meat on their bones, so to speak, are just as beautiful as those who are very skinny, and vice-versa. With that in mind, I want to outline the different ways the definition of beauty has changed over the years.

The Thin Syndrome as mentioned, curvy and plum women were seen as extremely sexy for many centuries. You may walk through a museum and notice that all the naked paintings include female with curves everywhere, some were even borderline obese. As the years moved forward though, society switched from adoring the plumpness of women to admiring the thinness of the models walking the runway. Girls were becoming more and more skinny, and eating disorders became more popular amongst young teens, which create a lot of problems for the beauty industry. Today though, society is focusing on the woman herself, which creates the perfect mix between the sexy women from centuries ago, to the women on the runway. The beauty industry is focusing on appreciating everything a woman has to offer, whether she is skinny or curvy is no longer an issue. It's a relief for a lot of women, as they are finally appreciated for who they are.

Makeup Galore:

Just as women were obsessed with being skinny or plumpy, society also went through a phase where they pushed women to cover themselves in a lot of makeup. Although makeup can put a women’s beauty into perspective, putting too much can clog the pores and in turn damage the skin. Through various movements, the beauty industry calmed down on the idea of covering a woman’s beauty and started focusing on bringing out a woman’s beauty through the power of makeup. Now, women understand that less is more when it comes to covering their faces with powder or creams, and choose very carefully what products they use. After all, a woman's beauty is one of a kind, makeup of no makeup.


With the makeup galore being under more control, women are now looking at different ways to enhance their beauty, which is what brings their focus to wrinkles. Before, wrinkles weren't as much of a problem for women and aging was seen as a beautiful and wise feature on a woman. Now though, wrinkles simply means that a woman is aging. Since less makeup is now used, which is good for a woman's pores, we have to find a way to fight the wrinkles naturally. With that in mind, out came serums and supplements to help a woman achieve her desired level of beauty, without any dangerous side effects that surgery might cause.

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