Vitamins: The Healthy Debunking

Vitamins: The Healthy Debunking

 Vitamins. We know it, it’s everywhere and we intake it but we simply do not understand it. Yes, vitamins are good for our health but is that it? These healthy nutritional substance is abundant in our nature that somehow we still find ourselves lacking of it, thus the birth of nutritional supplements and daily “vitamins”. But the real question is, are they good for us? What are we actually benefiting from them?

 You can find vitamins in all sorts of form; There are B Vitamins; There are protein shakes; there are even gummy bear multi-vitamins. Now, let's try figuring out what it can really do and what the major vitamins give to us.

 Vitamin A

 Vitamin A is beneficial to the working of your eyesight and proper functioning of the immune system, and can be found in liver oil, sweet potatoes, and things like cereal.

 Vitamin B

B vitamins are so popular now that more uses for them arrive every day, almost as fast as they decide to label a new B vitamin. There are currently twelve B vitamins, and all are in the category of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants will take away oxygen molecules from your body’s cells, which is thought to be a powerful way to detoxify and prevent certain cancers.

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin C is found in citrusy fruits, peppers, broccoli, and more and is a long known and common vitamin that most of us have become used to seeing. This vitamin is also called Ascorbic acid and helps the immune system make collagen, to help hold cells together, and helps the brain make chemicals for messaging.

 Vitamin D

  This vitamin is another we almost all have come to know, and is most commonly seen in dairy products, salmon, and you can even get it from sunlight. This helps the body process Calcium to maintain bone health, and promotes overall health throughout the body.

 As you can see, vitamins really do have quite an impact to our health. The FDA has set a suggested regular intake of vitamins to keep a healthy balanced body that is not too healthy or less healthy.

 But just like anything, in-taking too much vitamins can also be harmful to the body. Too much vitamins can result to productions of some waste chemicals that can either be harmful or not at all. However, being deficient of these are not good at all. A regular safe intake is highly recommended to keep the body healthy and decreases the chances of creating possible toxic waste materials inside the body.

 The best way to get enough healthy vitamins is from the real natural source and not on nutritional supplements. That's why keeping a healthy diet – no, not the one to keep you super thin – meal is highly recommended wherein they have all the vitamins and nutrients you need from food itself. However, if you are severely deficient, then nutritional supplements can be considered to in-take.

 Vitamins can be your ticket to good health and long life and even pretty bright skin and body. Not only it can protect you from diseases and strengthen your body defenses, it also makes you feel better and be better all over.

 Now that you know what vitamins are, it's time to get some for your body and give yourself a better boost in life

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