In our attempts to achieve our highest potential, fear is certainly on of our greatest obstacles.

We approach fear in different ways, but one thing is certain: we don't want it in our lives.  We consider it a blockage and we are disturbed by it. In our attempt to live free from fear, we either try to destroy it, or master it. But neither of these approaches will work; how we deal with fear is very often wrong.

The most important thing to clarify here is the fact that fear is an energy and no energy can ever be destroyed; only transformed.

In other words, when we try to master fear we don't destroy it; we only repress it. As we don't feel comfortable having fear in our lives, we ignore it and pretend it wasn't there. We try to avoid it; we neglect it; repressing it so deeply that it is no longer a part of our consciousness. This is a very dangerous thing, because when this happens we are no longer aware of our fear. Buried this deep, our fear has the power to manipulate us. It can do this in such subtle ways that we don't even realise what is happening to us. We give our fear control over our lives and become its slaves.

There is only one constructive, positive way to work on our fear: we need to face it and learn to understand it. Only through understanding it, can it be transformed. This may be somewhat difficult as very few of us dare to look the enemy straight in the eye, but after we do this there is nothing more we need to do. By understanding it, we transform it. Then it is no longer a fear at all.  The energy that was trapped in the fear can now become creativity. So getting to know our fears is a truly liberating and beautiful experience. Doing this is an extremely valuable and important part of our spiritual journey and personal development.

Where does our fear originate? In most cases, this phenomenon appears as a by-product of some desire. In the very moment we want to achieve or possess something – whether this is money, a career, a lover... a certain fear appears. We fear we won't get the object of our desire. Or even after we get it, we are afraid we're going to lose it. As long as there is some attachment or some kind of deisre for possession within ourselves, fear is also there as a by-product.

So, fear can also be an indicator that we are taking an unhealthy approach to life.


Once we start living in the present moment, perfectly calm , fulfilled and satsified, then there is no more fear. We are free from it.