Living in balance

balanceLiving in balance

It's time to allow life to work through you, not against you!

The only barrier between ourselves and the wellbeing we seek is our mind, which projects its thought patterns and expectations into the outside world. Life is so simple and beautiful, yet we often make it complicated and difficult by placing obstacles in our way.

Instead of accepting the reality of the present moment, we tend to disregard it and lose ourselves in the muddy waters of thought.  We hold certain ideas of how we and the world around us should look in order for us to be happy, and when these expectations and standards are not met, we start to feel great dissatisfaction, frustration and anxiety. We start to complain about everything and create a resistance towards existence itself. We create a barrier against the universal flow of energy.

The truth is, life takes care of itself perfectly – even without our help. It doesn't need our input, judgements and definitions, it is simply expressed everywhere around. The sun never fails to come out every day at the same time; flowers blossom without us interfering. We are the only creatures who think we know better about what we need to grow. We tend to think we need to be in control and make constant decisions about which actions to take. The very root of this illusion lies in the belief that fulfilment and happiness can be found outside of ourselves, and the belief that certain standards have to be met before happiness begins.  When we let go of our assumptions, expectations and worry, then the universal intelligence can start to work through us.  We need to give up control and become listeners and followers. It may sound contradictory but letting go of control is the only way to be in control.  By letting go of who we think we should be, we become who we really are.  We all have within us an inner compass that directs us where we're supposed to go, but the disordered stream of thoughts causes us to lose touch with it.  We start to believe in our minds instead of our inner guidance, and our minds are intoxicated by our social environment and the false beliefs we learned during the process of education.

Each time we find ourselves feeling worried, anxious or frustrated, it is a signal that something is not right and we are trying to get back in control. By bringing the light of awareness to the thinking patterns that cause us to feel this way, we can slowly make them go away. We are cleaning our system and leaving space for universal intelligence to work through us.  When we start to cooperate with it is when miracles start to happen. Our life becomes full of joy and bliss and we become able to notice synchronicity all around us as a sign that we are on the right path. Now we can start to act out our greater purpose and learn the lessons we came to Earth to learn.  We finally feel in tune and at home, no longer alienated. We see oneness in everything and no longer feel separate. The veils fall away and we can clearly see the truth: that we are part of perfection itself and it shines through us. Every little thing we do is in balance with the cosmic order and we dance with the universe and grow together within it: perfect balance and cooperation.

 To be in balance means to accept and embrace the reality of the present moment - life as it is right now - without creating resistance to it. There is no need to think about the next step because that way we are creating a gap in the stream of universal order; therefore we fail. We only need to remain open to what is happening right now.  Embracing the reality of the present moment, we experience a breakthrough that allows us to live our purpose. We experience a quantum leap onto a whole new level of our personal evolution, which is where we, as human beings, are heading towards at this point in history. Here we are creators and not victims of the outside world.