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Fascia Activation technique
25 November 2014 - Pain-Relief Back-Pain
Fascia Activation technique
The Importance of Staying Fit
07 March 2014 - Exercise Fitness-Equipment
The Importance of Staying Fit !
Your body does not have to undergo aches and pains your friends and co-workers talk about every time ...
Homemade Treatments for Natural Body Care
08 March 2014 - Health Well-Being
Relax in your own home
In-home treatments are the best way to pamper yourself because you get to relax in the comfort of your own home! read more ..
Hair treatments
19 September 2013 - Hair Hair-Treatments
Okay, let us get out of my own-hair obsession and try and continue with the article! The need for hair treatments........ What does your hair mean to you? To me, (undoubtedly) it really means as much my beauty....
The top 10 best foods for burning belly fat
25 July 2013 - Exercise Yoga-Mats
For women marching through middle age, belly fat seems a fact of life. However, recent studies on belly fat have revealed that belly fat may no longer be common only among women in their 50's. Certain factors like stress and ...