Belegenza Simply Straight Progressive Straightener

Simply Straight Progressive Straightener is a unique food-grade fusion that straightens curl and frizz over time the more you use it. Excellent for controlling multi-textured curl patterns. This is a natural alternative to harsh chemical relaxers and straighteners.

A gentle straightening process which soothes the curl structure and takes up to 30 applications to get full results. Very gentle and effective. Remember that your new growth keeps coming, so once desired straightening is achieved on mid-shaft continue to apply to new growth and/or problem areas.

Perfect on children's hair to soften curl and eliminate tangles.
Safe for all hair types and is compatible with relaxers, keratin treatments and is safe for children. On excessively curly long hair, use as a dressing when braiding and after several uses, see softness and control without having used chemicals.

Lye-free/ sodium and calcium hydroxide-free/ formaldehyde-free
Use as a styling aid for gentle softening of the curl. Target stubborn curl/frizz/or new growth. Controls humidity and leaves hair with a healthy bounce.
Belegenza Simply Straight Progressive Straightener 27.00

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Until now, natural products in the salon meant under-performance and at best, a trade-off. Either it was somewhat good for the environment, and left clients not looking their best… or use dangerous chemicals that left them looking great, but at the expense of their overall health and well-being.
Purified Water, Sugar Cane Extract, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol: humectant/moisturizing carrier, mold preventor, Cetearyl Alcohol: coconut oil derivative, not isopropyl alcohol, non-drying, Hawaiian Algae, Red Mapleweed, Gulfweed Algae, Ricinus communis: Castor seed oil, Sorbitol: sugar/berry extract, Glyceryl Stearate: coconut oil derivative, Peg-100 Stearate: fatty acid ester, Polyquaternium-4/Hydroxypropyl starch copolymer: thickener/binder, Polymerized Hydro-Carbons: Proprietary vegetable oil complex, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate: cellulose fiber resin, Polyvinylpyrrolidone : rubber tree derivative, Peg-90M: Wax Tree extract, Phenoxyethanol: Sugar based fungal preventor, Fragrance: phthalate-free natural, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Yellow-10 & Blue-1: FD& C approved safe coloring, Castor Oil Extract.
Question: what product should I use. I do keratin treatments but I have been loosing a lot of hair. I was wondering if you could tell me what products to use.I also color my hair.What products should I use. the hair loss has left holes and my hair has just thinned out no shine, no body.
Carole Wilson (Miami,Fla)

Answer: Ouch! Sorry to hear about how bad your situation is... Belegenza can help! I would certainly start with GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener, followed with RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment at least once per week.

Then, to keep smoothing the hair, and to stop relying on Keratin treatments, use the Simply Straight Progressive Straightener as your styling cream. Give it about 60 days, and I be you will see a remarkable difference in the hair overall, and especially the new growth area!
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: What is the pH level of this product?
Jae (Raleigh, NC)

Answer: A very safe 5 pH!
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: I have fine, frizzy straight hair and I high light my hair like every few months or when the roots come in. Does this condition weigh the hair down? I'm also trying really hard to grow my hair long but it's taking forever!
Jaclyn (ct)

Answer: Sounds like a job for many of our products... We have to keep it healthy in the growing process so that you gain more length and have it stay healthy so you don't have to trim it too much or lose the ends to splitting or breaking!

1. GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener. It says it all in the name, we think, but ask more if you like!
2. RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment for the week right after getting your highlights done!
3. VirgINity Hair Repair for the day you get your highlights and then every 7th time you shampoo.
4. EnCore Leave-In Treatment for the ends each time you shampoo (except VirgINity days) and especially the days you are in the sun, or swimming, or hot-tubbing!

Oh, as your styling cream.....Simply Straight Progressive Straightener....a little goes a long way ( as all our products do!) and it will make you safe from the humidity and surprise frizz that can catch us when we are having fun.

These will free you up to just go do your life with no concern about your hair....
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: I am a black woman and only wash my hair every other week. Will this still work if I don't wash my hair everyday? A bit about my hair.. It is coarse, frizzy, dry, and I have some breakage. It is also not as thick as I would like it to be. Any suggestions?
Courtney (Vallejo, CA)

Answer: Thank you for your question! Yes, GrowOut Shampoo & Strenthener will make a difference. Even though you will only be using it less frequently, one of the benefits is that your scalp will be completely clean and natural, so that it is free to grow without any chemical residue.

Be sure to use RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment, and if you have a moment to use it with a very gentle heat on your shampoo days, you will also help to moisturize the scalp, thus encouraging healthy growing conditions and strong new hair. Many find that using SpotLite Shine Serum on the scalp during the week also encourages a perfect moisture, adds shine, and further enhances the "flexibility" of each hair strand to keep it from being brittle and breaking.

Also, when you do shampoo, take note that you may need to lather 3 times, as it is very gentle, and may need that extra lathering to restore your fresh clean scalp. Wait one minute on the third lathering to allow the nutrition to penetrate, and then do the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. If you need styling gel, PerForm is great for roller setting, or Simply Straight for most other techniques.

These all are made to empower and enhance the growth, and beauty of the hair and scalp... Enjoy your new hair!
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)