Belegenza Spotlite Shine S500

SpotLite Shine S500 serum creates shine from the inside out-instantly. This non-greasy, non-sticky and alcohol-free food-grade fusion moisturizes, eliminates flyaways, resists dirt and keeps hair clean.

It softens, penetrates and protects hair (and skin) with no residue. It adds strength, creates a heat barrier and stops breakage. Can be used as a styling aid, finishing product or a specialized conditioning treatment to revive damaged hair.
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Family-owned, Belegenza, creates super effective formulas bridging the gap between organic & high-end salon products. You can safely have the best hair of your life & express your gorgeous self.
Natural Hair Products that EXCEED
Professional Standards--Finally!

Until now, natural products in the salon meant underperformance and at best, a trade-off. Either it was somewhat good for the environment, and left clients not looking their best… or use dangerous chemicals that left them looking great, but at the expense of their overall health and wellbeing.

Belegenza delivers professional results...naturally, like the first time, every time.

Belegenza is the one and only silicone-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, phthalate-free, & urea-free product line designed for the high-end salon and clientele. We have developed a patent-pending formula that actually penetrates deep into the hair shaft as opposed to coating the hair with chemicals. The conditioning and cleansing agents are a unique combination of the fruits of the earth and sea and silk proteins to provide condition, shine and performance never before possible.

Not only has Belegenza discovered a way to make each of the benefits synergistic in their effects—but has done so without the conventional chemical culprits!..... free of silicone, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS (sulfates), parabens, ureas! Belegenza is committed to creating and upgrading all our formulas to meet the rigid requirements set by the founder, Alan G Eschenburg.
Isopropyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Miristate, Hydrocarbon complex, Castor Oil, Phthalate-free Fragrance
Distribute a few drops on wet or dry hair before flat ironing, blow drying and curling for protection. To use as a specialized treatment on dry hair, generously message into split ends, dry scalp, or fine hair; cover with plastic cap and use medium heat for 15 minutes or leave overnight. Then shampoo with IlLustrious and condition with RoMANce or DraMatic Volumizing Conditioner.

Feel free to add SpotLite S500 to other Belegenza styling products. Add it to Taffy for shinier curl control. Add it to Simply Straight Progressive Straightener, for a shinier blowout and more heat protection. For humidity protection add a few drops to PerForm Control Styling Gel before styling. It’s amazing on skin, too. A few drops penetrate, soften and moisturize deeply.

When heat styling the product will "smoke" if you exceed 420 F. This is just a warning sign to take it easy with the heat for the safety of the hair. Products that contain silicone derivatives will not give that indication which increases the chances of you damaging/burning the hair. Also, use flat irons properly, when you close the plates together on a flat iron, the temperature zooms up way beyond safe temperatures for hair.
Question: For added shine can you apply this to wet hair and let your hair dry naturally?? (I don't blow dry, iron or curl my hair).
Cindy (Hubert, North Carolina)

Answer: Absolutely. I find that if I wet my hands first and leave them damp, then put about 4-5 drops, rub hands and distribute well, it seems to disperse the best, and the shine is deeper than just on dry hair alone.

After your hair dries, though, you can always add a bit more if you need on the ends!
Alan , Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: I am a black woman and only wash my hair every other week. Will this still work if I don't wash my hair everyday? A bit about my hair.. It is coarse, frizzy, dry, and I have some breakage. It is also not as thick as I would like it to be. Any suggestions?
Courtney (Vallejo, CA)

Answer: Thank you for your question! Yes, GrowOut Shampoo & Strenthener will make a difference. Even though you will only be using it less frequently, one of the benefits is that your scalp will be completely clean and natural, so that it is free to grow without any chemical residue.

Be sure to use RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment, and if you have a moment to use it with a very gentle heat on your shampoo days, you will also help to moisturize the scalp, thus encouraging healthy growing conditions and strong new hair. Many find that using SpotLite Shine Serum on the scalp during the week also encourages a perfect moisture, adds shine, and further enhances the "flexibility" of each hair strand to keep it from being brittle and breaking.

Also, when you do shampoo, take note that you may need to lather 3 times, as it is very gentle, and may need that extra lathering to restore your fresh clean scalp. Wait one minute on the third lathering to allow the nutrition to penetrate, and then do the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment.

If you need styling gel, PerForm is great for roller setting, or Simply Straight for most other techniques. These all are made to empower and enhance the growth, and beauty of the hair and scalp... Enjoy your new hair!
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: Are your products safe for color treated and hilited hair.
Sally (Alberta canada)

Answer: Not only are our products made safe for haircolor & hightlighting, you will find, like our other customers, that the color and highlights take on a more natural shine that seems to shine from the inner core of the hair!
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)

Question: Can this be used on Caucasian hair?
Heidi (Los Angeles, CA)

Answer: Absolutely! This is how I keep my naturally curly hair controlled! And, I'm considered Caucasian, though I sometimes am classified as "other!"
Alan, Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care (Houston, TX)