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Discover How To Enhance Your Mood, Increase Your Energy Levels And Control Your Appetite With Just 1 Pill A Day

5-HTP has helped millions of people just like you over the world, including some world famous celebrities. Here is a short video on how 5-HTP has helped world famous comedian Jim Carrey.

Not only does 5-HTP help with weight loss, depression and anxiety, it can also help those that have trouble sleeping and enhance your focus levels and memory.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicola McLean use Capsiplex to stay in shape! Now you can too...
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2 months supply

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Advanced Health LTD

Advanced Health LTD
One of the most powerful defense mechanisms, this amazing chemical will help you lose weight quickly!

the NHS on Capsiplex slimming pills and weight lossIt's easy to find your head spinning when you see the number of different weight loss products available today.

Problem is, it can be difficult making a decision on which one to trust. They all make amazing claims, but the important thing is, can they back those claims up?

Are they as effective at getting rid of your unwanted pounds as they say they are? What are the active ingredients?

Here's what usually happens:

Research finds that a certain nutrient has weight loss properties
Companies jump on the bandwagon releasing a flurry of under powered formulas based on this certain nutrient
What they fail to tell you is that the nutrient needs to be a certain type and in the correct quantities to be effective
You buy the weak formula, it doesn't work for you and you presume the nutrient itself doesn't work
You then tar all weight loss aids with the same brush and declare that none of them work

It really does happen all the time. The worse thing is that because of this, you are missing out on the quality, proven products.

Your body will lose weight for any number of reasons. It's all about chemistry. When you eat certain foods, chemical reactions take place in your body. Scientists are discovering more and more about this as there is a massive amount of research going on all the time.

Various foods, nutrients and herbs are being found to have properties that can help you control your weight. Some of these are new findings but some are based on years of use and have only recently been tested to see WHY they work.

It's not just our customers telling us this works Capsiplex is backed by medical studies!

There are so many weight loss products on the market it's bewildering. The trouble is, very few of them have any kind of proof that their ingredients actually work.

You'll find a lot of products hyped up without a single piece of evidence backing the claims of the manufacturer.

Capsiplex is backed by our own studies and the studies of others specifically regarding Capsicum Extract. When you purchase Capsiplex, you can be sure it's proven to work. It's a powerful blend of Capsicum Extract, along with Niacin, Caffeine and most importantly, Piperine.

This amazing nutrient helps you to absorb more of the rest of the nutrients in the formula. Which makes Capsiplex both more effective AND more cost effective!

The unique Capsiplex formula is backed by 30+ years of research, studies and human trials. The aim was simple, to bring a product to the market which would work and be loved by our customer base.

We didn't quite realize how popular it would be, you must be surprised that celebrities are using Capsiplex - because it took us by surprise too! But why not? The formula works and people are losing weight.

Advanced Health LTD
Over the past 30 years studies including animal and human subjects have proven the enormous potential of red hot peppers and Capsicum as a safe and effective nutritional ingredient to support weight management.

Advanced Health LTD
By taking the supplement either in the morning or evening you will enjoy a relaxing, energising and uninterrupted sleep at any time of the day or night and you will feel a noticeable difference in your level of focus when it is needed. Most of our customers report a noticeable improvement with their memory also.
Q: What is Capsiplex Plus?

A: Capsiplex Plus is a combination of both regular Capsiplex and 5-hydoxytryptophan (5-HTP). Combined together they work extremely well to be used as a dietary supplement. Capsiplex helps to naturally increase the metabolism before, during and after exercise and studies have shown that using Capsiplex inconjunction with 5-HTP is highly beneficial for weight management due to 5-HTP raising serotonin levels in the brain. As serotonin helps regulate mood and behaviour, 5-HTP may have a positive effect on sleep, mood, anxiety, and appetite.

Q: Is Capsiplex suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A: No, there is gelatin in the capsule gel.

Q: Does Capsiplex contain stimulants commonly contained in any other slimming aids?

A: No. Sadly many slimming tablets contain amphetimins and guarana. These stimulants have extremely bad side effects which include anxiety, irritability and being unable to sleep.Capsiplex is adamantly against any artificial ingredients and prides itself on being 100% natural.

Advanced Health LTD