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Always Tired? Get More Energy, Again!
07 July 2013 - Face Mouth
Stay active for more energy! Did you know sedentary behavior is another direct cause of fatigue? Missing one day of exercise disrupts your natural sleep rhythms.
Some Different Approaches to Weight Loss
04 July 2013 - Face Mouth
In relation to weight loss something you need to realize is that it may not be as simple as people think to get down to the weight you're looking for. Being devoted and having a good reason to want to lose weight will be
Diabetes - The Symptoms to Look Out For
02 July 2013 - Face Mouth
Diabetes is an illness that can burden people of any age. There are two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. A majority of Type 1 is hereditary and genetic. Type 2 is usually
How the body uses Cholesterol
12 June 2013 - Body Boby-Lotions
In the world of skin care, dirt, oil and sweat are the enemies. When we have too much grime on our bodies, we tend to feel unclean and even anxious. Washing it off is far more soothing, giving us a feeling of health and relaxation.
Human beauty and ugliness and their importance
09 June 2013 - Body Boby-Lotions
There are plenty of beauty tips and tricks out there on the internet world. Beautification is increasingly becoming more and more important each day; industries and people are always on the look to make their appearance better and better. . . and better . .
Skin Cleansing
01 June 2013 - Body Boby-Lotions
Skin cleansing is more than just a method of prevention of future skin diseases. It is literally a must for everyone who has got skin! A person who hasn't got a ravishing and glowing skin should strive for it and one who has