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Beauty Tips for Dry Climates
13 October 2013 - Beauty Serums
Dry climates can pose some unique challenges for your hair and your skin. Trying to keep your skin in good shape can be a special challenge, especially when you are new to the area and aren't sure
Beauty Tips for Your Eyes
09 October 2013 - Face Eyes
Your eyes and the skin around your eyes show your age the most. If you want your eyes to look youthful and continue to be as beautiful as they always have been, you need this article. These are some of the best
The Dangers of Certain Weight Loss Methods
08 October 2013 - Exercise Yoga-Mats
How determined are you to lose weight? You can find plenty of helpful information and maybe you already have a diet plan in mind. Losing weight by sticking to a diet and working out can be tough, so it
Five Tips for a Healthy Belly
11 October 2013 - Health Energy
One of the most sought-after fitness goals is to have a flatter, more toned stomach. Dudes want to look buff at the beach, and babes want to avoid the dreaded muffin top. When your internet sidebar gets clogged with scam "flat belly" advertisements...
Human physical appearances
30 June 2013 - Health Well-Being
Human physical appearances, What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'appearance' in terms of a human . . .? If you are not a know-it-all, it would obviously be something like looks, good-looks,
Medical Use For Garlic
26 June 2013 - Face Mouth
Garlic is classified as both a food and medicinal herb. It can and should be eaten as food, but it can also be taken in supplement form to augment a healthy diet when more serious health problems arise.
Alternative Medicines for Acne
17 June 2013 - Body Boby-Lotions
The skin disease acne starts when hair follicles (the shafts that hairs grow in) become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria, and a mixture of oils known as sebum. This backed-up material cannot escape through the pores (the openings at the top of the follicles)....