Kaloss Trimmers Phase 2 Xtra Carbohydrate Blocker

The ultimate cheat-pill: blocks carbohydrates from foods being absorbed into the body, allowing you to still enjoy foods such as rice, pasta & potatoes without the carb-concequences!

90 Capsules is 1 Month's supply.

Trimmers Phase 2 Xtra is a carbohydrate blocker enriched with synergistic supplements. Phase 2 is clinically proven to promote fat loss in a safe, natural and stimulant free way by reducing the absorption of calories from carbohydrates by up to 66%.

The synergisitic supplements provide the body with Green Tea Extract, a well known anti-oxidant; pre and pro-biotic bacteria needed for a healthy gut; Conjugate Linoleic acid (CLA) which increases lean body mass and decreases fat mass and lastly chromium, known to reduce sugar cravings.
Kaloss Trimmers Phase 2 Xtra Carbohydrate Blocker 24.00
90 Capsules
7 Day Diet Plan Download Included
30 Day Guarantee

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