Nittany Valley Organics Nutty Buddy Organic Bath & Shower Gel

Shea Nut Butter is nature's personal miracle-working moisturizer that is harvested from the fruit of the Africa's sacred Karite tree.

Shea butter is an ancient remedy proven to provide extra nourishment and ultra hydration to depleted skin while removing dark spots, burn marks and eczema while hydrating dry scaly skin.

Nittany Valley Organics Nutty Buddy Bath & Shower Gel is a creamy-rich gel, enriched with moisturizing Shea Nut butter and Organic Olive Oil that gently cleanses while providing essential hydration; keeping your skin looking dewy clean and silky smooth.

This creamy-rich bath and shower gel, enriched with Shea Nut Butter, gently cleanses while providing essential hydration.
A recipe for deliciously clean, hydrated skin. Take invigorating Fresh Shower Gel, lather into a foam, and gently scrub...your skin is left glistening, clean, and moist. Infused with hydrating Shea Nut Butter, and skin-softening glycerin.

Our 8 oz. organic bath and shower gels contain natural ingredients that provide a creamy lather, along with skin-nourishing properties that rinse clean and smooth. Wonderful for shaving legs and overall cleansing, this lusciously fragrant shower gel works well with a loofah, brush or bath mitt for a gentle, exfoliating body scrub. Your skin will feel clean, refreshed and intensely moisturized!
Nittany Valley Organic's unique Shea Nut Butter with Olive Oil Bath & Shower Gel is made by mixing Aloe Castile Liquid Soap with a unique extract of vegetable gums in glycerin, which adds extra emollients and silkiness. This creates a product that is good for all but the driest skin with a very silky, smooth consistency like honey. This bath and shower gel is a natural alternative to the commercially made products you find on the store shelves today.
Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, shea butter, vegetable gum extract, vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera, shea butter, grape seed, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin E and rosemary extract.