3 basic Tips for Natural Body Care

3 Tips for Natural Body Care

Taking care of your body naturally is the best method of prevention if you want to be healthy now and stay healthy for the rest of your life. You can achieve good health without going to a lot of effort if you make natural body care a part of your daily lifestyle. The following are 5 of the best tips for natural beauty and pristine health. They are completely natural and safe and easy to incorporate into your regular activities.

 Whole food supplements are better than vitamins

You might have heard for most of your life that vitamins are good for you.

Though this is definitely true vitamins are found in foods and whole food supplements in levels that are more easily metabolized. Assimilation is a complicated thing and that is why vitamins are most readily absorbed through foods that we eat one at a time.

For extreme deficiencies vitamin supplements may be helpful for the time being but they will never hold up against whole food supplements. Some whole food supplements include anything that contains whole foods, usually the meats of fruits including seeds and skin.

Some good whole food supplements are algae like spirulina or Irish moss. Bee pollen is another whole food supplement containing a wide spectrum of necessary and naturally occurring nutritive substances including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, phytosterols and enzymes.

Whole food supplements are becoming more popular in the health arena for their assimilating power.

A strong body will benefit most from a whole food supplement.

When choosing a supplement to take place of your daily vitamin, make sure to choose one that is truly wholesome and remember to eat a well rounded diet.

 The benefits of deep sleep

Though we all have to wind down and rest at night it is often seen as something to be taken for granted in a fast-paced society. Sleeping should be something you make a ritual out of-hours before it is even time to go to bed. Try dimming the lights at least two hours before bedtime to activate melatonin production and allow your mind to relax. When sleeping in bed, make sure you are in complete darkness.

Any light even coming from under a door will disrupt melatonin production and inhibit your rest. Quality sleep for some people requires a heavy blanket for the added pressure.

If you need a heavy blanket in the summer then make sure to bring the temperature in the room down a few degrees. While sleeping in a very cold room is uncomfortable, it is proven that people sleep better when the temperature in the room is slightly cool. For relaxing better at night, try diluting some therapeutic grade lavender essential oil in a mister bottle and spraying your pillow 4 times. Relaxing essential oils can also be massaged into temples or dabbed under the nose.

Silk pillows are very soothing because silk protein is made from the same amino acids that are found in human skin. Pure silk is found to aid in sleep and help people with chronic insomnia. If you have tried a lot of things and still cannot sleep, two things that are often overlooked are daily activity and saturated fat.

People who are sedentary during the day don’t sleep as well as people who get at least half an hour of exercise.  Saturated fat may not be healthy in large doses but it helps people sleep better if taken before bed. Eating some animal fat before bed is a simple way for most people to get their saturated fats.

For vegans or those looking to cut down on animal based fat, olive oil or another vegetable oil containing significant amounts of saturated fats will have a positive effect on sleep quality.


Regular sun exposure

 Sun exposure is not dangerous in regular, healthy doses and many people find it helps with dermatitis, dry skin and vitamin deficiency.

Since the sunlight synthesizes vitamin D it is necessary that we get a regular dose of sun exposure every day.

Low levels of this vitamin can make other nutrients difficult to assimilate because they are only absorbed in the body with sufficient levels of vitamin D.

When using sunlight therapy caution should be taken not to burn or overexpose the skin. Adequate amounts of vitamin E and vitamin A go a long way to protect the skin.

If you are sensitive to direct sun then opening the drapes in your home will let you get controlled amounts of exposure every day. Even a good thing can be overdone but in healthy amounts sunlight is one of the most basic requirements for natural body care. Skin that is exposed to sunlight is firmer, healthier and has fewer wrinkles.

The trick is not overdoing it or applying sun tan lotions that irritate and toughen the skin. Instead try an organic vegetable based oil such as olive or coconut for added sun protection.