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The other day I was looking over some modelling pictures and as I felt worst about myself as I looked through the portfolios, I decided to do some research on body types.

I mean, these models all had long bodies with skin on their bones, and I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to know their secret. They had small to no hips, which always baffled me since I have large hips, and extremely perfect body proportions.

Of course, the model agencies were going after women who looked like this standard and chose the one in a million who actually looked “perfect,” but still… I wanted to dig deeper in the various body types. I was pleasantly surprised as I realized that my body could never become like those models simply because I didn’t have the body shape for it. It’s truly enlightening because it saved me a few tears here and there!

Let’s take a look at them and let me know which body type you are:

Ectomorph: This one is the model-perfect body, the ones we all love to hate. People who have an Ectomorph body type usually have narrow hips and clavicles, small joints (wrists/ankles), and long limbs. Most of the time, these people have the ability to eat a whole cake without putting on a pound of fat. Yes, it’s OK to secretly hate them for it but still show them love because they don’t have the ability to gain muscle as easily as the other body types.

 Mesomorph: Furthermore, we have the Mesomorph body types. These people tend to have wide clavicles, narrow waists, and thinner joints. Although the proportions seem perfect, they still have a long and round muscle belly. These people tend to gain muscle fairly easily without necessarily bulking. Women tend to have smaller breasts and bigger hips, which usually causes self-esteem drops, but it’s actually seen as the sexy body type for women believe it or not.

 Endomorph: Finally, we have the Endomorph body type. These people have blocky proportions with thick rib cages, wide/thicker joints, and shorter limbs. You will see a lot of Endomorph body types in muscle competitions as they gain muscles fairly easily and tend to bulk faster than the other body types. They also have a good proportion going on as the hips are as wide (or wider) than the clavicles.