Care For Your Mind

Care For Your Mind

We all live in a world where we are in constant movement. We never have the time, or mental ability, to sit down and focus on what we want in life.

What we do want though, is to go somewhere in life. How can that be done though if our body doesnt follow our mind? We keep forgetting that in order for us to feel better and reflect on our health, we need to stop and breathe a little. We need to meditate, center ourselves, and come back to the present.

As humans of the technology era, we tend to think two steps ahead of time instead of thinking of the present. This keeps our mind in the future while our body is still in the present therefore we dont have time to keep up with our mind and take care of it. Its truly sad to say that we live in the present physically but mentally live in the future.

We lose so much time thinking about debts, school, and emotions that may come tomorrow that we forget to focus on the amazing things happening today. This is all due to the immense flow of technology around us; we always keep our mind running. In order to start relaxing and caring for our mind, we need to start focusing on today.

We need to bring ourselves back for at least 10 minutes a day and focus on what we want to do for today. Not tomorrow, but today.

You might say that you dont have time to sit down 10 minutes a day because of children, work, or other priorities, but the most successful entrepreneurs find the time with their extremely busy schedule, therefore so can you.

 Instead of watching TV for 15 minutes in the morning, watch only five and meditate for 10 minutes. You dont need to chant or to do yoga poses necessarily to meditate; all you need to do is sit down comfortably, and count your breath. Focus on the breaths you take in and the ones you give out.

Count them slowly and focus solely on them. At the beginning, you might find yourself thinking about other things, such as work or the kids, but when that happens make sure you bring yourself back and start counting your breaths from the beginning. By doing so, youre training your brain to stay focused on one thing, breathing, and to be in the present moment instead of working in the future. This will relax your mind and will make you more productive during the day since youll feel centered, calm, and relaxed.

After a few practices, you will find yourself wanting to meditate more and more as you will feel more relaxed and you will enjoy the present day more as your mind focuses on it. You might also start being more productive in your everyday tasks, which we always appreciate. 

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