Getting the Abs You Always Wanted

Abs 6 pack workoutGetting the Abs You Always Wanted

 It it fair to say that everyone wants good abs but most of the time getting the abs you want looks harder than it really is. There are hundreds of ab workout machines, ab rollers and belly fat "busters" out there. The stomach is such an issue of vanity for people that you will stumble across fat vibrators, fat reduction creams and electrical devices that send impulses to your muscles by shocking them. Which ones are the best? Some people swear by old-fashioned crunches and other people prefer new gadgets to get them to where they want to be.

 Why you have abdominal fat

Before you jump into a new ab workout routine and spend a lot of money on new devices, ask yourself if any of these concerns apply to you; bloating and poor digestion can make you look fatter than you really are so that when you work out, you seem to be getting nowhere. Change your diet and then expect reasonable results. Abdominal fat can result From poor posture. Your back muscles hold up your body and when you are bent over all the time your stomach muscles naturally are not functioning properly.

 Is there one cure to belly fat?

 It is hard to say. If you are dedicated, you are likely to succeed at whatever you choose to focus on, meaning that a lot of exercises and products are of equal value. It is definitely best to begin changing your posture by sitting up straighter and being more conscious of your abdomninal muscles. Amazingly, people who are conscious of their muscles have less muscle atrophy, especially their stomach muscles. If you want to try a few different things that is great as long as you are not buying into a gimic!

 How can I tell if a product is trustworthy?

Whith all the abdominal exercisers, fat vibrators and creams out there, you are wise to want to make the right choice! Ab rollers have been around for a long time and they yeild good results. Electrical shock abdominal workouts have good results but they lack the natural appearance and muscle integration of muscles you actually worked out yourself which is why I would not put them in the top category. Creams are more of a scam because you have to keep buying them and they do not solve the problem. Vibrators are okay but you get the same thing by working out.

Some myths about the abdominals

"Ab workouts are hard".You will hear that ab workouts are very difficult and that is not true unless you have a weak core. It is true that you need to work different muscle groups but that is not more difficult than any other part of the body. Starting with the most demanding situps may not be the best place to begin if you are having a hard time working these muscles. Even an experienced body builder knows to start out slow. Don't over task your body and you will get better, faster results.

"In order to get results workouts must be done every day".

This is certainly not true. Working the same muscle groups every day is the fastest way to tearing muscles and halting your progress. Don't believe me? Micro tears are thousands of muscle tears that you cannot feel unless you train yourself to know the difference. Your body needs time to recover from micro tears and heal which is part of the muscle building process. When you work the same muscle groups every day, you don't give your body the time it needs to heal and you don't get fast results.

 flat stomach woman and man perfect body care"A stomach needs to be flat to be attractive".

This is a Western idea that in no way is related to health. The sad part is that this perspective on stomach attractiveness influences many people to breathe wrong! You should breathe from your stomach-not from your chest. The natural expanding of your stomach when you breathe is perfectly natural. A stomach that is firm but still has some natural fat is a sign of health. Excess fat is not attractive but a washboard stomach is not, either. You don't want to risk muscle tearing in the place the surrounds vital organs.

 "You have to work really, really hard to get good abs"

This is simply not true! You are going to need to tone your muscles but gentle workouts are better than grueling, frustrating exercises. If you find yourself getting burned out, try something new. You aren't going to be the same as someone else-maybe trying some side crunches will help when the regular ones don't feel right. Doing what feels right is the key since you know yourself better than anyone else. Pushing yourself too hard in one direction can be dangerous, too. Your abs are a sensitive region and need to gradually build tone.

"If you stop working out the muscle will turn to fat".

Okay, so, this is not really a myth. However, your muscle is only going to "turn to fat" if you build a ton of muscle in one place and then stop abruptly. This should not prevent you from beginning to work on your abs! Think about your lifestyle and the kind of workouts you can do regularly. If you are going to be working on an upcoming project in 6 months, create a routine you feel comfortable maintaning. When your vacation comes up and all you want to do is relax, a 5 minute routine is going to be a lot easier to maintain than a 30 minute one.

Here are some tips to help you get the best results in your ab workout!

yoga exercise with ball, yoga workout program tips Get a yoga ball

Yoga balls are not just for yoga routines, though any yoga routine is going to tone your stomach and heal the organs around it. A yoga ball is great for balance and good posture. The reason is because just the act of sitting on a yogal ball strengthens your core! You can sit on the ball during work at home or even move the yoga ball to your office in place of a chair. Practice sitting on the ball without touching your feet to the ground for 5 minutes a day. This will not stress your muscles like regular exercises will!

 Walking gives you good abs!

Taking a nice, long walk is the most natural form of exercise you can give yourself. It's good for your entire body, works all the muscles in an ergonomic way and it does not cause a lot of stress on your body. Walking strengthens your back and core muscles because you use them to walk. Walking in combination with any ab workouts you do will yield better results than just an ab workout alone. Remember, once you build the muscle, you need to use it to integrate the new muscles, making them part of you.

 Stand up straight

Good posture will keep your stomach sucked in but not too tight, your back straight but not rigid. Your stomach is your center, your point of balance. Practice good posture wherever you are. In the car, at work, in your home and even when you are exhausted, proper posture will keep your spine and stomach from being malformed. Good posture is not often revealed as being the culprit in muscular problems but it has a lot to do with your good looks! Look at someone who slumps and then look at their stomach. See the difference?

Go swimming!

Swimming is a lot of fun and it is always good to find new ways to provide natural resistance exercises for your body. Tension chords, swimming and yoga are some natural tension systems as well as regular crunches where you are using your body as a point of tension by itself. Visit the beach or go to a swimming pool to experience a natural workout for your whole body. You don't feel it as much and it is a lot more fun and efficient than regular exercises.