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Natural care of the body is a multi-faceted thing. All systems connecting to work in harmony with each other is a sign that you are taking proper care of your body. Natural body care encompasses many different systems, some that are less understood like the lymphatic or digestive systems. Today you can tell that the way people take care of their bodies is often less than optimal; A sedentary lifestyle with too much processed food and drink will not be cured by a day or two at the gym, or skipping lunch. Natural body care isn’t that complicated as long as you are healthy and live a non-complicated life. The best way to look at it is to use intuitive and logical responses. Eating an extra bowl of healthy food when you are hungry, or taking an extra nap are intuitive responses to an intuitive system. Logical responses, though can override sluggishness and poor mental states if we use them correctly, like making yourself go for a long walk when you aren’t really wanting to do it.

Our Bodies Are Multi-Taskers

It is very common to see a different cream on the market for a different part of the body-one for hands, one for face, one for feet, sensitive areas, scalp, etc. We are conditioned to see our bodies as many odd parts working against each other instead of one whole system that naturally sustains itself. Exercise is a habit that not only tones your body and organs but it also cleans your skin giving you a youthful glow of vibrancy. Many people who understand that it is possible to multi-task your way to health and beauty use exercise as a means to looking and feeling their best.  Exercise has other benefits besides just keeping your body in shape. Longer hair, stronger nails and brighter eyes are all benefits of regular cardiovascular workouts. People who regularly work out find that they need less makeup to cover imperfections because their skin looks younger and has better color than it did before. When it comes to using beauty creams, natural oils and botanicals that can be used safely all over the body will not only work better but they are healing to your skin, safe for your organs and have long term results. So ditch the uni-taskers and start seeing natural body care from an enlightened perspective! Good habits affect our bodies as a whole.

Natural Body Care Techniques

natural body care techniques, skin brushing and smooth silky skinMaking the most of your workout and daily routine will certainly give you the advantages of a person who wants to maximize efficiency and save time while still getting peak results. If you don’t have time to apply all over body treatments like masks and other preparations but once a week, try skin brushing.

Skin brushing is a very old Ayurvedic technique to getting smooth, silky skin by sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin. One of the many benefits of skin brushing is that it removes the dead buildup of skin that prevents expensive skin care products from absorbing.

This mean you can use less skin care products and get more beautiful results, saving you time and money. Hair brushing is as important as skin brushing if not more so.

According to Chinese medicine, hair brushing stimulates circulation throughout the whole body and has numerous health benefits. In order to brush your hair and get good results, though, you need a seamless wooden comb and a high quality hair brush with boar and nylon bristles.

Some claims about using wooden combs and boar-bristle brushes are that they can even prevent graying.

 Natural Body Care Made Simple

Your body is truly an amazing thing. Left to its own resources it can accomplish amazing feats. An overly-sluggish body weighed down by preservatives and junk food will not operate at its best, however.

Keeping things simple by avoiding common allergens like wheat, dairy and soy may prove beneficial to you and give you more energy reserves. Trying to eat more clean foods like organic, raw greens will boost our immunity and cleansing powers.

For the best internal cleansing on the go, make yourself a giant organic green salad from kale and keep it in the refrigerator so that you can much on it all day. This will give you more energy that can be channeled into doing whatever you want, including taking better care of your body. Natural alternatives to harsh detergents found in soaps, and other body care ointments can be found in health food stores. Since the skin is highly absorbent, choose natural, organic cleansers and toners.

One of the best home remedies for white, beautiful French manicures is a lemon. Just add the juice of one lemon to a bowl and soak freshly-cleaned fingernails for 5 minutes for clean, bright tips.


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