The Super Food Difference

The Super Food Difference-Choosing

Supplements to Fit Your Lifestyle There are a lot of super food supplements out there, all of them having different reasons for being on the market. Some are certainly better than others at doing what they claim to do whether it be providing you with energy and stamina or alleviating the discomfort of arthritis. One of the most common reasons people choose supplements like acai berry, goji berry or raw honey is because they want more energy. Energy loss can happen to any of us at any time in our life for a variety of reasons.

How do I know which ones to choose?

The best proof of efficacy is to read reviews before you buy your supplements. Try something in a small quantity once and see if is does what it's supposed to do. Lack of energy is a common complaint wether it be linked to lack of sleep, nutrient deficiency or poor diet. Turmeric is a supplement that is not only good for energy loss but anemia and arthritis as well as anti-aging due to its curcumin content. Look for supplements like turmeric that have been time-tested and shown to heal a variety of conditions.

Who can benefit from super foods?

Everyone can! One person who is young and fairly healthy may have an iron deficiency. Goji berries are high in iron and good for people with anemia. Raw honey helps with iron absorption and goji berries are known to restore eyesight, making goji berries especially good for older people with eye complaints. For energy loss, royal jelly can replace your need for caffeine altogether if taken in the morning. Other popular energy boosting supplements like acai berry powder and algae powder supplements give your body the much needed amino acids and a full range of complex nutrients.

A guide to buying supplements

The best foods are the ones you eat plain, raw and without having been dried or processed in any way. Some of them like acai berries, however are highly perishable and require instant drying and freezing to maintain the quality. When a dried supplement is the best you can get, it is better than nothing. When you are comparing brands of a certain type of supplement, keep the following points in mind when searching.

 Buying the freshest, safest ingredients always pays off
 How long has that been on the shelf?
 Look for supplements that have the date clearly marked
 ask the product manufacturer about the shelf life.

Too many supplements are stored under poor conditions for long periods of time, resulting in herbs that have been heated, probiotics that have been destroyed and live food supplements that are anything but lively! Things we put in our body should be of the best quality and most brands do not have high standards of freshness. Be careful about choosing supplements Don't buy the first one you see just for the sake of it.

Goji berries are almost all from China where organic practices are rare. Even products labeled as organic may not be and it pays to do your research. Acai berries are mostly from Brazil and only a few supplements are producing acai berries where sustainable practices have oversight. Look for phrases like "testing for heavy metals, PCB's and pesticides" on packaging to ensure you are getting more than the standard organic label.

The hidden ingredients you miss Prevent allergic reactions! Allergies can creep up on us over time, especially when our healthy habits are the secret culprits of our food sensitivities. Read labels carefully even if you don't have any known allergies. Since I like to know what I am taking into my body on a daily basis I always look for gluten-free certification and products that are soy, dairy and corn-free. Foods that seem healthy can be laced with harmful additives, building up in our body over time.

Getting fun and creative Super foods are delicious!

They are called super foods for a reason, right? Just because you get something in its dehydrated form doesn't mean you can't fix it up by sprinkling acai berry powder over your cereal, mixing it into a parfait or adding wonderful color and flavor to a lemonade. Dried berries are much more fun when mixed into your bowl of cereal in the morning and added to a shake for a tart taste and depth of flavor. One of my favorite things to do with goji berries is make a trail mix by adding macadamia nuts and pine nuts. Four things to do with acai berry powder There is a lot you can do with acai berry powder!

Here are some ways I came up with to use this supplement powder as a culinary delight in all my cooking needs:

Make a berryful drink mix! Acai makes a great drink mix. mix it into equal parts coconut sugar and store in a jar for future use. I like drinking acai berry powder in a chilled, sweetened beverage more than any other way. This beats any unhealthy drink mixes at the store and to make this even better, kids absolutely love it!

Add a spoonful to your lemonade or tea Your iced tea or lemonade could use a flavor kick and a beautiful red color! This is another perfect method for getting you acai berry powder into your diet and enjoying it. Some powders are grittier than others but the powder will mostly dissolve in the drink just like a regular drink mix would!

Add to shakes and smoothies You can add it to any shake or smoothie you have-it will be great and you will have the omegas and antioxidants you need to start the day off right or drink as an after lunch snack. If your smoothie ritual needs some help, this will give it a completely different look, taste and feeling afterwards-I tend to have tons of energy after drinking acai berry and it lasts me all day.

Sprinkle over yogurt, ice cream and more!

This one is easy and you can be sure the acai will make these treats even more scrumptious! As a matter of fact, sprinkle acai berry powder on anything you have around the house that you know it will taste good on like salads or hot cereals.

Home made salad dressings are another place to sneak it in.

Why we need super foods in our modern diet

The earth is not what it used to be. Commercial farming overworks the land, strips it of its nutrients and produces food that is highly deficient in vitamins and minerals. To make things more complicated, most people do not consume a wide variety of food to begin with, especially avoiding fruits, vegetables and grass-fed animals. That leaves our bodies hungry and wanting for more. A whole food supplement nourishes us and puts the nutrients in that we lack in our modern diet.

A difference you will see Any time you start taking a nutrient dense food like algae, for instance into your body every day you will see a big change. Even after the first time your hair, skin and nails will be stronger and you will have a revitalized mind and body.

Vitamins are synthetic and lack the natural levels and other components that help our bodies absorb them they way they should. Supplement with wholefoods instead of vitamins and see the difference in how you feel!