Autism: treating autism naturally

Treating Autism Naturally

Autism is considered a vague and mysterious neurological disorder for many, and for others it can be explained by certain events that were set into motion by environmental conditions, clinical drugs or genetic mutations. Whatever the cause of autism may be, it is fair to say that with numbers of autistic people rising that autism is here to stay.

Whether autism is a neurological disease or variance is often disputed by autism rights groups, families of people with autism and people with autism themselves. However, one thing that is certainly not debatable is the pressing need for special care for these new individuals.

What is autism?

Perhaps a better question to ask is what autism is related to since we can only really understand something as much as it affects or is affected by another part.
Autism is the inherent fundamental wiring of the neurological, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes of the individual. This leads us to see that autism is undeniably a person. It is of no surprise that people on the autism spectrum respond best to natural treatments to meet their unique requirements instead of medications that dull the senses.

Autism is functional

A point that autistics make themselves is that autism is fully functional and points to the idea of them being whole people not in need of curing. The unique dietary, physical and intellectual needs autistic people have in today's society not to mention the conditions that are associated with autism make autism difficult to categorize.

For some people autism itself seems to be the propelling force behind their greatest achievements. For others, epilepsy, self injurious behavior and other eccentricities can hold them back from seeing the world through the eyes of others around them, creating obstacles that take years to overcome.

The sensations of autism

The five senses of hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing and autism natural treatments touching are typically overactive in the autistic anatomy.
This makes going outside, eating meals and responding to touch discouraging. Because of the heightened senses the person on the spectrum tends to avoid stimuli which leads people to believe that autistics cannot typically appreciate or be enriched by music therapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and Feng Shui. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The benefits autistics receive from these sensory treatments are higher in proportion to the benefits non autistics receive, inspiring a revolution in autism treatments.

New autism therapies

Though autism comes with its share of abilities, finding new strategies for coping with a foreign environment is crucial for those with autism and their families.

Alternative therapies are becoming accepted for their way of changing the lives of children and parents alike. One such therapy is water play. If you have the chance to see an autistic person in their natural state you will see a whole person who loves to be themselves and enjoy life freely.

Water therapy
autism water therapy
Anyone who has ever watched an autistic person around water knows that they are either adversely or beneficially influenced by it. The autistic child's natural predisposition to being hypnotized allows them to enter a state of Zen in the presence of moving water.
On the other hand, it can prove a big distraction. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard will provide them with years of therapy that they may not have previously had access to. It has been observed that autistic people can remind you of dolphins in the water.

Room for meditation

Contrary to what ABA therapy teaches, people on the autism spectrum do not need to spend hours a day being rehabilitated. They need to learn social skills at their own pace and have rules to go by like everyone else. This gives any person security that we all need as humans. Being treated very differently and then expected to attend sessions to prove oneself regularly lowers confidence.

Autistic people need room to be themselves along with clear boundaries of what is expected of them. This raises self esteem. Ask your child if they prefer therapy and how many hours a week/day. This way you can show them you are aware that they know what it is their best interest.

Create new rituals

For people with clear obsessions, the best way is not to face the issue head on but to craftily devise new rituals. If the new ritual is healthier than the old one, i.e. teeth brushing, then the rule of replacing something with something else has been effectively put into practice. Always replace old habits with new habits. This helps the individual to adapt to the changes in a way the brain is wired to do.

It is very difficult for a person like this to have a ritual or obsession taken away from them, only to be left with empty space. Make trying new things exiting and compelling by relating the new activity with the old one. They will be more likely to try it.

autism natural healing treatment
Gardening and earthing

Horticulture is used as an autism therapy because it helps the person relate to other living things and form healthy give and take relationships. For people who are anti social plants are a means to cultivating energy sharing and making close connections.
Gardening and earthing (being outdoors barefoot) stabilizes the mitochondria and neurotransmitter activity that is so often imbalanced in those with autism and ADD. Gardening is therapeutic in so many ways.

It can improve health and relationships with others not to mention the benefits of giving something back to nature that can in turn nourish us (food).

Essential oils for creativity and focus

Using essential oils for brain states is one of the most healing things you can do for your autistic child. Anxiety, stress and fears can be treated naturally and may even take the place of medications depending on the circumstance.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum have discovered that using essential oils to activate certain brain states suspend feelings of security and relaxation. Choosing appropriate essential oils for the brain state you want will be simple with a basic understanding of common oils.

Carrier oils, or vegetable based oils like olive or coconut serve as oils to dilute your essential oils to prevent skin irritation. Some essential oils are more irritating than others so you will not need to use carrier oil for all of them.

Some therapeutic essential oils and their properties

Lavender,-relaxes, alerts the mind, cleanses.
Orange-uplifting, creates a feeling of abundance, relieves anxiety.
Frankincense-helps with deep breathing, meditation, relaxation, grounding.
Eucalyptus-alleviates headaches, relaxes.
Sandalwood-good for relaxing, alleviating headaches, grounding.

autism therapeutic natural oil treatments

Essential oils are the best alternative medicines for autistic people. They are used by parents and therapists alike for treating and preventing meltdowns, anxiety attacks and fears. Essential oils work so effectively because they actually re-start the brain, allowing the person experiencing the therapy to naturally wire new mental pathways.