Why Yoga Works

Why Yoga Works

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr .... do you have a headache yet?

I know I do. When we live in a society that brings a lot of things together on the internet, we lose whats important in life.

We also tend to go online so much and live off of other peoples lives that we forget about our own. We forget that we need to centre ourselves too and that we need to take care of our health, mind, and body just as much as the other person. All these Social Media activity has created an addiction that doesnt bring happiness anymore, it brings stress and worry.

Although Social Media is an online addiction, the side effects are very physical as well. Staying in front of a computer is already very bad for your health, since your body stays in a rested position all day without actually moving a muscle. Staying long hours sitting is also very bad for your posture, your back, and your neck. You might not realize it, but by sitting down all day long your back tends to curve outward, which creates an inconsistent line down your vertebrae!


Your muscles in your back can also have tension when you have the bone going in the wrong direction. Your neck also tends to slide towards the screen, again, without you noticing. This frontal sliding is also very dangerous as it creates stress in your muscles and can create neck strains. The beauty of it all? You can escape from this addiction through yoga. By practicing yoga everyday, even for 15 minutes, you replace the lost bones, muscles, and nerves in your body.

You focus on yourself, which also takes away from the stress of knowing what everyone is up to. All you need is 15 minutes a day to step away from your computer or phone and you will see that after a while, you will start to feel better. What can you do during 15 minutes? Yoga, of course. The positions educed in yoga are made to keep everything flowing throughout the body and put all the bones back in the right areas.

By breathing and concentrating on stretching certain parts of your body, you release the tension that has amassed in your muscles, which lets you breathe easier. You will see yourself feeling better throughout the day and feeling more centred as a person, which only brings more positive things in your life; by feeling better and more centred, thanks to yoga, your Social Media addiction will start to fade and you will step away from the computer more often, and its a great thing. Although its very interesting to know what Jessica Doe did for her birthday in Rome, its more important to get that vertebrae back to its rightful position and feel better altogether about yourself and your body. A happy body is a happy mind, and vice versa.

Remember that.


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