Yoga And The Connection

Yoga and the connection to the mindYoga And The Connection


A lot of people believe that by doing Yoga on a daily basis, you are connected with the spiritual world only, which is a big misconception.



While you are meditating through Yoga, your thoughts connect more with humanity, and you can reflect more on how the other person can and will interpret your actions. The whole point of Yoga is to connect with the earth and its people, not necessarily the spiritual world. Yoga helps you center yourself with the people and ground around you. It lets you bring energy up from the ground, so to speak, and to relax while doing so.

All the position in yoga are not made to make you groan in pain; they actually have a purpose. The various positions help you open your heart to the world, or open your lungs to let more air come in, or connect with earth in order feel fresh and relaxed.

By being more relaxed, you can connect with other people and connect with humanity in general. You have time to think about your actions, your thoughts, and your future. You have the mindset ready to respond calmly but effectively to the rapid changes going on around you; you arent stressed and blinded by the rapid changes and making decisions just to go with the flow. You arent stressed as much about your life therefore you arent focused only on how to better your life, but rather how to improve other peoples lives as well.

There is a special connection that yoga enthusiasts have with humanity now and have a clear sense of who they am. They understand people more, and they can relate more to who they are and what they want to accomplish in life. I strongly believe that with every person that comes my way, there is a something great to learn, but I didnt think this way before introducing yoga and meditation into my life. I was so stressed and on the go all the time that all I could think about was work and my future.

This is why we live in a very selfish era, because people are not as relaxed as they should be. Believe in the Yoga process, it will truly open your eyes to what how important every breath is and how important every human is to this world.

There is this whole story behind yoga, its not just meditating.

There is a history and a whole different world behind the movements, its important to know that

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