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Fortunately, bodybuilders today benefit from brand-new, scientifically engineered, multi-purpose agents that contain compounds researchers believe can build muscle and carve definition five different ways.

A lot of guys believe these new state-of-the-art supplements are not only more powerful than the old steroids of the 1980s... they do A LOT more and do it a lot faster.

And of all the new super-potent anabolics, nothing is quite like Androxybol™... an agent so effective, I believe it should replace the most potent steroid in the world, Anadrol-50.

Anadrol-50 has been around for years. It's a prescription drug designed to treat starving people suffering from anemia (a lack of red blood cells) in Third World countries.

Put simply, Anadrol-50 makes your red blood cell count go through the roof… which is why it produces such incredible "pumps" and everyone using it got huge and muscular. It was designed to do a multitude of things in your body, including increasing protein synthesis (muscle building) boosting hemoglobin (red blood cell) production and increasing EPO (europrotein).

Anadrol-50 gets you strong as hell because it is extremely androgenic in addition to increasing red blood cell production. You get VERY strong, VERY big, and very vascular on this very powerful product.

There's just one problem: Anadrol-50 STILL requires a prescription, and if you get it on the black market without a prescription, it's very expensive, costing around $10 a pill! Even worse, like many of these obsolete steroids from the 1980s, Anabol-50 comes with many nasty side effects, up to and including liver damage!
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Androxybol also contains two "Androgen Releasing Factors", both of which many believe may allow you to produce more of your own testosterone. Combined with the SHBG blocker, researchers believe these ARFs potentially deliver a SHOCKING increase in usable testosterone, and extremely rapid muscle gain and fat loss.

And that's not all. Unlike the old single-purpose steroids in the past, it's believed that Androxybol™ can do many things at once. In addition to potential dramatic increases in natural testosterone, a lot of guys think that other compounds in Androxybol™ may also increase EPO, ATP and Nitric Oxide at the same time.

Oxygen consumption (or oxygen uptake) is known as VO2 max and is the maximum capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen during exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual. I have seen some research that shows compounds in Androxybol may raise your VO2 Max level up to 159%!

That allows you to really fire up workouts and lift heavier loads, which means more muscle and fat loss a lot faster.