Primal Muscle EquiCyclex

Introducing a brand new, legal alternative to equipoise...

EquiCyclex is a hardcore mass-maker modeled after the potent steroid Boldenone (Equipoise) - known for lean mass, sexual performance and overall muscle building. Researchers believe this hardcore formulation make it a safer, legal, and better alternative to using steroids!

Listen and listen close! The Headline of this exciting article is true. There now exists a LEGAL alternative to Equipoise (or Boldenone, as its commonly known in bodybuilding circles) that many users believe will get you so ridiculously big, ripped and shredded that you will hardly recognize yourself in about 10 days!
Equipoise, The Miracle Anabolic A Brief History...

Interestingly enough, Equipoise was created by steroid chemists to produce a less-harsh, slower acting, safer form of Dianabol - one of the most popular oral steroids ever created.

The crazy part is, the steroid chemists "screwed up" and created one of the most widely adopted and heavily used steroids in the world! It's true - what they created (Equipoise) actually acts nothing like D-bol in the body despite how close they are chemically speaking.

Anyway, this "accident" actually allowed American bodybuilders to experience what is perhaps the most unique steroid ever developed, and one that caused you to look better while on it than any other steroid ever developed, and here's why:

Reason #1: It's Extremely Anabolic

As you may know, the reason anabolic steroids cause your muscles to grow so quickly is because they excite or accelerate the cellular process that causes muscle growth.

This process is called mRNA Activity (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid) and when accelerated, this process causes your muscle cells to grow bigger, and when it comes to turning on this special muscle-making messenger, nothing tops Equipoise. In fact, this blue-printing process for building muscle is so profound that virtually all the muscle you gain from it is permanent, as long as you continue training!
Reason #2 Red Blood Cell Production

Ever wonder why pro bodybuilders have such wicked, garden hose type veins, while everybody else's are barely visible. Simple, because high doses of steroids cause a phenomenon called polycythemia, which is a dramatic increase in red blood cell production. And since you'll have so much new blood from this pumping through your veins, they will literally "bulge".

And besides being very "cool looking" all this red blood cell production will give you plenty of endurance for high rep leg routines, or twice a day split routines. Another benefit of so much extra blood flow will be increased nutrient delivery as well as removal of exercise related toxins!
Reason #3 Nutrient Partitioning Agent

All anabolic steroids shuttle all nutrients, fats, carbs and proteins preferentially towards the development of muscle as opposed to fat. And Equipoise (Boldenone) is no exception. It seems like you can eat just about anything and still stay ripped to the proverbial bone because your muscle cells (as opposed to fat cells) became so hungry for food.

Plus, most athletes report being hungry enough to eat a horse every day! This helps two-fold because you have the strong appetite you need to power down enough protein each day to really ignite muscle growth.
Reason #4 Creatine Phosphate Synthesis

Most guys don't know this but anabolic steroids cause what's called creatine phosphate synthesis. Now, creatine phosphate is what creatine monohydrate is converted to of course, creatine phosphate is what you really want because it's a step closer to what you really want, more ATP production.

So in addition to all its other properties, Equipoise also increases ATP levels by increasing creatine phosphate levels. Now couple this with extra red blood cell production and not only are you taking an amazing anabolic, but also an amazing endurance compound that allows for training, hours on end!
Reason #5 Deeper Fiber Recruitment

Now, all this extra workout capacity leads to the ability to do more reps for a particular body part, which then leads to deeper fiber recruitment! Basically, you tap a deeper percentage of raw genetic potential! Now, once these deep latent fibers are activated, they are then anabolized like demons due to Equipoise's amazing anabolic properties.
I Believe Up To 18 Pounds Of New Muscle Is Possible!

Listen, if you're 50 and an ex-juicer then you probably won't put on 18 pounds of muscle, but if you're a young buck and haven't hit the “sauce” too hard, then I believe as much as 18 pounds of muscle from a couple of 8-week cycles of the newly released legal alternative to Equipoise, EquiCyclex™, is entirely possible when combined with a solid diet and hard training.

That's right! You can now get a legal alternative to Equipoise called EquiCyclex that a lot of guys think works like mad and some say even better than the “real deal.” Guys are going crazy over this stuff, and the small batch we've been able to get have been selling out in record time.