Primal Muscle Flash Bang

Crush your next workout, now experiance "Beast Mode" strength, Power & Intensity without feeling cracked-out!

Flash Bang is being reported by users as the world's most effective drink for pre-workout energy, and post-workout recovery. The reason why so many elite athletes choose Flash Bang over all other drinks is because every scoop is jam-packed with agents believed by researchers and users alike to help build real muscle after the energy surge wears off.

Most drinks are based on mega doses of "crack" designed to make you feel more energetic - but when you "come down" they destroy your adrenal glands and leave you worthless... that is, until you take more... do you see a pattern here?

Heck, if you want those kind of results - just drink a pot of coffee before your workouts and save yourself a ton of money!

But if you want real, lasting results, you need to get a serious drink like Flash Bang - loaded with a whole lot more than just cheap, jittery TWEAK!
If you're looking for explosive power, intensity, and mind-blowing pumps - get flash bang today!

A Nitric Oxide Complex (Nitric Oxide is believed to increase Circulation And Oxygen)
A Creatine Complex (Creatine is believed to increase Muscle Volumization and Strength)
A Cognitive Complex (Several ingredients that researchers believe to benefit Focus, Mental Toughness, Intensity And Speed)
An Energy Complex (Believed to aid Endurance and Fatigue-Resistance)
A Recovery Complex (Compounds believed to aid in Rapid Muscle Repair & Growth Plus Reduced Soreness)