Transformulas AgeLess Cell Support Skin Serum

Oxygen in a bottle ... for your face.

Ageless Cell Support Skin Serum puts moisture back into the skin. This highly concentrated absorbent formula revitalises and reactivates skin cell structure to promote a younger, firmer more radiant looking complexion.

* rich in vitamin C and E
* oxygenates
* antioxidises
* tightens and brightens the skin
* promotes circulation
* restores moisture and revitalises
* suitable for all skin types
Evolution Slimming Ltd
The exclusive Ageless Mid-Life Cell Support Serum contains micro-encapsulated oxygen. This helps to keep skin cell framework taut and firm - ultimately balancing the hydro-lipid structure that forms the cell membranes.
This means that skin keeps healthy to reproduce and regenerate fibres that support the cells - keeping them plump and hydrated to promote a younger, firmer looking complexion. Mid-life skin looks and acts years younger -toned, lifted, ultra hydrated and smooth because lines and wrinkles have been 'pumped out'.
Our Ageless Range - The Fab 4, consists of Glycol Primer, Skin Tightening Tonic, Cell Support Serum and Marine Miracle Creme. They all work in synergie together giving you optimum results and long term benefits.

The collection was formulated to work together, like “flower food working together with cut flowers to prolong their life”. Excuse the basic explanation but we do find it simply and the best way of explaining the benefits of how the Tonic and Serum, along with the Crème work.

Like changing the water and adding the food regularly – prolongs the effects and maximizes the benefits seen and felt.

... Cell Support Skin Serum contains oxygenated almond oil. Every animal and mineral cell needs oxygen to function - and it's why the injured Wayne Rooney was placed in an oxygen tent to speed up the healing process in time for the World Cup.

... Vitamin C eliminates free radicals while Vitamin E encourages healing by stimulating blood circulation. And, together, they attack the ageing oxidisation process.

... helps skin to retain moisture and strengthen fibres so it becomes enriched and hydrated to look tighter and brighter.
Microencapsulated oxygen ... forms an invisible support over the skin to help keep the cell framework taut and firm. This balances the hydro-lipid structure that keeps especially mid-life skin healthy to reproduce and regenerate for a younger, firmer complexion.