Wai Lana Phthalate-Free Mat

A colorful, comfortable, high-performance yoga mat that is also eco- and health-friendly.

Free from phthalates, phenols, dioxins, and furans so it's safer for your health and for the planet
Offers superb traction for safety and stability
Cushioned for comfort and support in poses
Provides excellent quality and durability
Available in vibrant, attractive colors
Available in two sizes:

Buttercup Yoga & Pilates Mat ($39.95)
(1/4"H x 24"W x 68"L)
Apple Green Yogi Matâ„¢ ($29.95)
(1/8"H x 24"W x 68"L)
Wai Lana Phthalate-Free Mat 29.95
1/4"H x 24"W x 68"L
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