Five Tips for a Healthy Belly

five tips for a healthy belly, body-care-new-dietsFive Tips for a Healthy Belly

With all the fitness and diet trends out there, it can be super difficult to figure out what will actually make you look and feel your best. Your couch, fast food, and ice cream can end up looking way more appealing than the gym after a long day at work or on a rare day off. Plus it’s easy to be skeptical about all the scam diets and overhyped workout plans there are.

One of the most sought-after fitness goals is to have a flatter, more toned stomach. Dudes want to look buff at the beach, and babes want to avoid the dreaded muffin top. When your internet sidebar gets clogged with scam “flat belly” advertisements, it can seem like there are a ton of scams out there, but these fivesimple changes can send you on your way to a flat belly!

Do Low Impact Running:

At the gym, you might get intimidated by the people on treadmills who look as if they’re running away from the cops. It seems like being able to push your body to run faster for longer periods of time is a sign of being in good shape, but low-intensity running is actually more effective at burning fat. Jogging or walking for a long period of time without pushing your body into intense cardio mode because your body doesn’t burn out as quickly and is able to maintain a consistent level of energy while burning calories. In order to tone up any part of your body, the first thing you need to do is burn fat.

Know All Your Abs:

Most abdominal exercises that you’re already familiar with, such as crunches, only target your mid to upper abdominal muscles. However, even if you can’t pronounce any of the words in this diagram from, you can see that your abdominal muscles cover a bit more than just your stomach area.

Exercises such as captain’s chair crunches, planks, and bicycle crunches target your entire stomach, and oblique twists strengthen your sides. Traditional crunches are great, but they tend to only target the top part of your stomach. Ab day is one of the most intense for a reason; you should leave the gym with your entire midsection begging for mercy! But don’t forget your post-workout protein shake to prevent future soreness.

yoga-tips-workout, look better at the beachKeep Core Strength in Mind:

In addition to making you look better at the beach, having a strong core helps your posture and balance, can alleviate back pain, and make everyday tasks easier. Even if you don’t have bodybuilder-like toned abs, abdominal workouts improve your whole body and general well-being. Additionally, workouts aimed at your back muscles, such as rowing or cat stretches should not be neglected. Yoga also builds core strength through flexibility training and mindful postures. A well-toned midsection doesn’t look half bad, but not everybody can achieve the washboard look so easily, especially women, since that area is especially padded for baby making. Don’t be discouraged if you’re in that category! Track your progress by how strong your core is becoming.


One of the biggest mistakes people make while lifting and training their abdominals is breathing incorrectly. Since breathing is one of the most natural things you do, this may sound ridiculous, but holding your breath during exercise can deprive you of oxygen, making your dizzy and short of breath afterwards. The correct technique is to exhale during the exertion part of an exercise (i.e. while you lift your back up during a crunch) and to inhale on the return. This is to regulate the flow of oxygen in your body and ensure that your muscles are getting the supply they need.

eat right ! /chicken-salad-health-food-dietEat Right:

This should go without saying, but unfortunately all of the myths out there about eating well are just that, myths. You don’t have to spend obscene amounts of money on organic groceries or diet packages to have a flat tummy. Replace your afternoon Cheetos with mixed nuts, and enjoy a quick and easy breakfast of lowfat Greek yogurt instead of pancakes. Portioning yourself according to your individual caloric and dietary needs is important for everybody. Plus, now that everyone seems to be crazy about healthy living, there are a bunch of fantastic healthy recipes on the internet.

Keeping your midsection healthy is one of the most important parts of fitness, considering it takes up a pretty big portion of your body. These tips will only get you so far, the most important part of fitness is your own motivation and hard work, regardless of your body type or experience level. Best of luck on your fitness endeavors, now put on your gym clothes and get out there!